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Triny Willerton Interview

Lucky To Be Alive

She was a Kona qualifying hopeful heading into the 2018 IRONMAN Boulder race. She had come close to qualifying six months earlier in Cozumel. But May 8th, 2018 changed all that.

Triny Willerton was on a long training ride when she was hit by a pickup truck that illegally crossed a solid yellow line while trying to pass her. It’s amazing that she not only survived, but she raced at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii five months later. However, her crowning achievement was still yet to come.

Triny was very aware that cyclists and pedestrians are often subjected to aggressive or reckless behaviors from motorists. Altercations of this kind do not end well for either cyclists or pedestrians. Triny knew that a change had to occur and it had to happen at a very deep level. Her passion resulted in the creation of ItCouldBeMe, an organized movement to change the way we think about the most vulnerable users of our roads and highways. ItCouldBeMe aims to create awareness through changes in legislation, community involvement and, more importantly, through changes in our cultural beliefs regarding rules of the road.

I initially heard Triny’s story on several podcasts, including Triathlon Taren, and I just had to get more information about how to help her cause. She kindly agreed to an interview and I thoroughly enjoyed the visit. I’m sure you will too.

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