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Triathlon: Fountain of Youth

70 Days Until IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga

I’ve been a bit quiet lately. This is the first post in four or five days, so don’t be too surprised if I can’t remember what I talked about in the last post.

There’s an awful lot in the news lately about the coronavirus and store shelves are feeling the relief. Not all the store shelves. Just the ones in the vitamin and cleaning supply aisles. Stores are selling out of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and it makes no sense. Why would there be a rush on an anti-bacterial product when the big scare is about a virus?

News Flash: bacteria and viruses are different animals. You don’t go hunting dove with #3 shot and you don’t kill viruses with antibiotics.

About the best we can do is wash our hands often and cough into our elbows. In all fairness to the hand sanitizer industry, I’ve heard it said that a product with a high percentage of alcohol will minimize the chance of infection from a virus. Instead of preparing hospitals for an influx of patients, our government might consider offering low interest loans for construction of new bars and restaurants. That way we can quarantine ourselves inside our favorite establishment. Many patriotic Americans have already been practicing this since prohibition ended.

The real reason I’m writing this blog post today is that I want to share with you something I found on the company supply list. In my office, I take care of ordering supplies from the list on the dry erase board near the copy machine. Among the usual items, one joker wrote “Youth Extract.” The closest thing to youth extract that I know of is triathlon, because crossing that finish line for the first time makes you feel young and alive.

I found out who wrote it.

Won’t he be surprised when he finds out that he’s been signed up for a sprint triathlon!

Office supply list - Youth Extract

If your coworkers complain about feeling old, sign them up for a triathlon.

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