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The Road to chattanooga

The road to Chattanooga, TN begins with a single step.

Sorry. That’s a bit cliché. Today, November 25, 2019, the 2020 triathlon season begins: at least, for me it does. I signed up for the 2020 IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga. I have no idea what to expect of this race except that the swim is in a river which means there will be a current which hopefully means a fast swim.

There’s a strange feeling about signing up for the first A race in a season. In my case, there was nothing on the calendar but work and family.

Not anymore.

I went through that familiar registration process on The 50 questions. The waivers and disclaimers. The marketing garbage where they try to sell you things you don’t need like registration insurance and personalized medal engraving. What a racket. So I paid for the registration… the insurance and the engraving too (those poor IRONMAN folks need the money). Now I am registered and seriously thinking about my upcoming training.

This is truly exciting. The last time I raced a big race was over three years ago. I’m sure there will be times that I wonder why I put down a good chunk of money to torture myself, but right now I’m enjoying the feeling of being a triathlete again.

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