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The Eight Days of Hanukkah – Day 4

Jack Benny Could Take A Lesson From Me

I may be Jewish, but I’m not a very observant Jew.  To be honest, I’m actually Jew-ish.  However, I do light candles on Hanukkah and the menorah, the candle holder,  is the centerpiece of my Hanukkah holiday.

I have several menorahs, and I keep forgetting to get official Hanukkah candles for them.  Several years ago, I was determined to light the candles but I didn’t have the right ones. The candles that I had were not official Hanukkah candles as sanctioned by the International Tribunal of Jewish Federations and Kosher Households.  (No.  That does not exist).  At the time, the only candles that I did have were leftover birthday candles;  not the sparkly kind, but the small spindly kind that drip wax and burn for two minutes.  My menorahs were too big for the happy little birthday candles, which meant that I needed a new menorah.

One thing about myself that I want to point out is that I don’t like to spend money on an item if I can make it myself.  I’m too cheap to buy a new menorah just to fit the candles.   So what did I do?  I made one.  And anyone who knows me knows that I do the blacksmith work for my wife’s horses.  The best part is that horseshoes come with the holes predrilled.  Not only am I cheap, I’m lazy too!

Horseshoe Menorah

Homemade menorah

This is the menorah I’ve been using for a few years, because not only am I too cheap to buy a new menorah… I’m too cheap to buy the good candles.   I make Jack Benny look like Mother Teresa.

So how does all this fit in with triathlon?  I’ll tell you on day eight.  Until then, have a happy Hanukkah.

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