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Blog Comments and Numerology

Lately the TriRiot blog site has been getting quite a few comments. Unfortunately, most seem to be written by bots.

The content of these comments ranges from mattresses to pornography: neither of which interest me. Some, however, are cryptic enough for me to think someone is passing secret codes. I’ve already posted about this before and I want to share the latest with you, because the internet is full of numerology experts who are deciphering the meaning of COVID-19. If they can do that, then I can decipher my latest “spam” comments.

These two comments are examples of complete genius with respect to secret codes. Both are single word comments and taken by themselves they mean nothing. But when we look at the details we can see the true meaning of this secret code.

The Analysis

Let’s first take a look at the one written by “Specialist.” The comment is, “pink”. This could be a reference to the singer of the same name, but if that were the case, the comment would probably have been capitalized.

I think it’s a bit deeper than that. Look under the authors pseudonym, “Specialist”. THX must be a reference to THX 1138, the movie about a dystopian future society directed by none other than George Lucas himself. As further evidence that THX refers to the movie, look at the IP address at the bottom of the image, Take away the 85.220., the other 0 and the last dot = 1138.

The movie, THX 1138, itself means nothing here other than to suggest its director, Mr. Lucas who also directed the wildly successful film, Star Wars. But why the comment, “pink?”

If you’re a fan of Star Wars and Sci Fi conventions, you probably see where this is going. Yep, you guessed it: The Pink Shorts Boom Guy. It was so hot on the movie set in the Tunisian desert that the boom operator was wearing nothing but tight pink shorts, socks and boots. The boom operator is the person who holds the microphone at the end of a long pole to pickup the actors’ dialog. This particular boom operator, with the pink shorts, was a British fellow named Ken Nightingall.

According to, 12% of racehorse trainers had the surname of Nightingall in about 1932. Hold that thought and let’s move to the email address,

The is complete rubbish in my analysis so we remove that and we are left with “chrissy877” which refers to none other than Chrissie Wellington. That’s right, the same Chrissie Wellington that broke Paula Newby-Fraser‘s course record at the IRONMAN World Championships. The same Chrissie Wellington that never lost an IRONMAN race. Nevermind that one is spelled “chrissy” and the other “Chrissie.”

How do we know that chrissy877 refers to Chrissie Wellington? It’s in the 877. Chrissie Wellington was born on 18/2/77 (European day/month/year). Take away the slashes and you get 18277. The first year after her dominance at Kona was 2012, so we get rid of the 1 and the 2… we are left with 877.

The Results

So we are left with two pieces of information from this analysis:

  1. Racehorse trainers

  2. Chrissie Wellington

Whoever posted this comment is trying to tell us that Chrissie Wellington is going to make an IRONMAN comeback and her coach is a former racehorse trainer! I hope she likes oats.

As for the other comment… complete garbage.

The Conclusion

I get a lot of spam comments.

But if Chrissie Wellington does make a comeback, just remember… you heard it here first.

Until next time…

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