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Run Bingo

My Fusion Endurance coaching team is AWESOME!

Sami and Mary love their athletes. The other day they sent out an email with a bingo card attached, but this wasn’t any ordinary bingo card. Instead of numbers and letters, each cell of the grid had an item written in it. These were items that you might see while out on a training run. The idea was quite simple: you run during your normal training and if you see one of the items on the bingo card you check it off. After you check off all cells in a row or column, you get bingo. And then something, something, something ( I think you get a prize, but I’m not sure).

Even if you don’t get a prize this is the coolest idea.

There’s only one problem for me. The bingo card that Sami gave us has typical items you might see in town: newspaper, flowers, fire hydrant, etc. I live so far out of town, it’s been said that Lewis and Clark were my realtors. But I want to play bingo too, so I made my own redneck, in-the-country bingo card. Here it is if you’re interested:

If you’d like, you can download your own copy here, but if you spread it around you have to give Fusion Endurance credit love, because Sami and Mary are the brains behind the original.

Thank you, Sami and Mary.

Until next time…

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