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Progress on Episode #5

I got an early start on filming the fifth episode of TriRiot.  In fact, most of it is already in the can.  However, my editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro CC) has been crashing every time I try to edit this particular episode.  It works fine when I open and edit other projects.

Is this a forewarning?  Is my video editor telling me that episode 5 sucks?  Can it be that prescient?  Nah!  If the software knew that, it would tell me so instead of,

“Sorry an unrecoverable error has occurred.  Adobe Premiere will attempt to save your work in its current state.  If unable to do so, you’re screwed.  Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for using Adobe Premiere.  BTW: your video sucks and you’ll be lucky to get five views on YouTube.”

OK.  So I added everything from “If unable…” to the end.  But that’s how I feel when I see that error.    I’m sure I will find a work around.

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