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New TriRiot Shows

New Shows

It’s been a while!  Several months at least.  Both members of the old audience have certainly found other forms of entertainment by now.

Consider yourself fortunate, because you are the new sucker(s)  audience.  Besides,  TriRiot is all about the videos and the primary purpose of this blog  is to direct you to  the TriRiot channel on YouTube.   So I really don’t feel too bad if you’re the only one reading this (thank you by the way).

Never mind all my self deprecation: this particular post is to warn – I mean announce – that I have several new shows planned out that will involve more than just a series of selfies.    THAT’S RIGHT!   I get to share the camera with other real live people.

What To Look For

I’m still trying to put together an episode with my friend and fellow triathlete, Marty.  If you watched his story on how he got hit by a deer, you know how entertaining he is.

Also, Coach Sami Winter and I will team up to bring you multiple episodes of triathlon tips and advice.  We’re going to get you ready for the 2018 triathlon season (and in style).

As if that isn’t enough to get your eyeballs on TriRiot videos, I plan to attend several races for the sole purpose of gathering age grouper stories so we can get first hand accounts of why ‘ordinary’ people push themselves to extraordinary limits.   You won’t want to miss these stories.

Stay Tuned

Be sure to check in with (this site) often.  Because when I get around to writing another blog post in a couple of months, you will certainly want to be the first to read it!

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