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Great Local Race and Episode 15

New Segment

I’ve never had any questions or comments that could be read on the show until now.  A couple of friends sent in some questions.  I think they felt sorry for me, because I tell people to write me and no one does.  That’s OK,  because in episode 15, I try to answer two questions.  If I get any more questions, I’ll have to create a whole new segment.  Maybe I’ll name it “Mail Call” and introduce it with a drill instructor shouting names and throwing letters.  Or better yet,  I could call it Mail Sack with the intro line being, “Taking a look in LG’s mail sack.”    Maybe not.  Besides I’ve already seen that used.

White Lake

Other than answering a couple of questions in episode 15, I talk about the White Lake Weekend which is coming up September 12th and 13th.

The town of White Lake reminds me of one of those 1960s vacation spots for middle class families.  

It just has that small, cabin feeling about it.

There are three races based out of the FFA camp on the west side of the lake for this particular weekend:

a sprint on Sunday and a Half and a International on Saturday.

Swim exit at White Lake

Swim exit for the White Lake races.

If you’re out there either day, look for me.  I’m racing in the Half and the Sprint.

Here’s episode 15:

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