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No Excuses

I haven’t been putting out much lately… content, that is.  I could blame my job for keeping me so busy, but I’m thankful just to have a job. I could blame my family for pulling me in several directions at once, but without them life would be awful I could blame my friends without whom I would be very lonely I could blame our politicians, but… I can’t think of a good reason not to blame them. So there you have it. I haven’t put out any content lately because of our politicians. 🙂

And why shouldn’t I blame them? They blame everyone else!

I really have no one to blame. I have to take responsibility here.  Which means that even though I love making videos and writing blog entries, I love my family and friends even more. 

Having done all that whining, I do want to say that another episode is in the works. 

Posted by LG on the run

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