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My Race. My Way.

We are learning that a viral pandemic can put a damper on the triathlon season (says Captain Obvious).

The first A race of my season was moved from May 17 to August 23. Given the current state of viral pandemiology, I’d say it will either be cancelled or moved again. But the point of this post is to let you know that a cancelled race doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

As races were being cancelled and rescheduled in early March, I began preparing a contingency plan. At that point it was not a matter of “IF” Chattanooga 70.3 gets rescheduled, it was a matter of “WHEN.” The decision was made to continue with training as if the race were still being held. The moment IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga was rescheduled, Sami called to say that several other of her athletes were planning races of their own that would take place on the original race date. Even before that time I had already made plans for the inaugural TriRiot 70.5 Triathlon.

A race on my own may not seem like much of a race.

  1. Fancy finish line? No

  2. Aid stations? No.

  3. Finisher’s medal? No

  4. Massage tent? No

  5. M&Ms on the run course? No

  6. 80 year old dude who passes me on the run? Thankfully, No

I admit, it won’t be the same without all that, but it will be a good test of the training. Also, I have to keep my eye on the bigger goal: Kona qualification. This virus pandemic is just one of the many obstacles to stand in the way of that goal. With that goal in mind, it becomes no big deal to miss a season or two of racing. It’s the training that will matter.

The TriRiot 70.5 Triathlon is going to be a point-to-point race with a swim in Banks Channel along the town of Wrightsville Beach, NC. The bike ride extends from Wrightsville Beach up toward the little town of Maple Hill in Pender County. That’s close to my house, so T2 will be my driveway. From there, the run heads North on Shaw Highway 6.55 miles out and 6.55 miles back to a driveway finish line. My adoring fans (four dogs, several chickens and some barn cats along with my wife and daughter) will be cheering as I cross the finish line and collapse in the yard.

The date of the TriRiot 70.5 is May 23, 2020. That’s only three days way, so I’d better get crackin’. And if I’m going to collapse in the yard, I had better start picking up the dog poop soon.

By the way, today Lori and I celebrate 30 years together. Happy Anniversary, Dear.

Until next time…

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