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My Commitment to the Sport

I’ve decided that I want to do another ultra distance triathlon within the next year.  Maybe it will be an IRONMAN or maybe it will be a HITS race.

To keep me motivated, I am going to wear my Ironman North Carolina wrist band until the next event.  It is a constant reminder that I love this sport and I want to improve my performance.  But it’s really more than that.

IMNC wrist band

IMNC wrist band

  1. It reminds me that I am not alone in my passion.

  2. It reminds me that I can not be successful without the help of others (in any aspect of life).

  3. It humbles me that I have done something so few others dare to attempt.

  4. It shows me that gratitude for all I have and for all those around me is necessary to feel like a champion.

  5. And it’s blue.  I like blue.

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