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Motivation by Guilt?

Why is it that when I wake up at 4 am my first thought it’s too get on the trainer and ride for a little while before I have to go to the Y to swim?   I guess the real question is, why am I getting up at 4am when most of the normal world is still asleep?   I love mornings. Back to the first question…

I think it’s an obsession.  Healthy?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Triathlon is certainly a lifestyle, but even enthusiasm has its limits.  Beyond enthusiasm is obsession?  Now there’s an interesting thought.   So I can just think of my obsession with training as super enthusiasm: enthusiasm on steroids.

My typical day goes something like this:

  1. wake up 4am

  2. ride the trainer

  3. swim if it’s monday

  4. everything else

  5. go to sleep

That’s my 5 step process.  Maybe I should be considering a 12 step process?


Posted by LG on the run

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