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Looking Forward to 2016

It’s been well over a month since I’ve posted anything to this blog.   I guess life has gotten a bit busy.

Looking Forward to 2016

This time of year is the off season or “out” season time.  For me, that means no more triathlons until after the new year.  It also means that I need to work on my race schedule for 2016.

I definitely want to do an ultra distance race: Ironman or not, it doesn’t matter.   I’ve already talked about how I tried to get into Challenge Roth.  There’s still a chance that I could get in that race through their December registration.   And to hedge my position, I’ve decided to register for Ironman Muskoka which will be held August 28th.

When my triathlon friend, Misty, first mentioned that race, I got hung up on the name.  Muskoka sounds like a cross between cheap mens cologne and a fancy chocolate bar.  After looking at the pictures on the race website and on Google Earth, I think that race will be a tough challenge in a beautiful venue.  And if you’re not familiar with the location, it’s just a bit north of Toronto Canada.   And as Groucho Marx famously sang…

“It’s better to live in Toronto, than to live in a place you don’t want to.”

Trust me.  That actually rhymes when you sing it.  So I’ve made one decision based on the words of a deceased comedian.   The only thing left to do is register which means I may not get in if I’m not fast enough at the computer.

Another race that I’m planning of for 2016 is NYC.  I’ve done the New York City triathlon twice before and it’s a great race.  You get to swim in the Hudson River.  Or maybe I should say you HAVE to swim in the Hudson River.  I don’t know too many people who dream of swimming in that river.  The first time I swam the Hudson, I ran into several pieces of debris lumber and many jelly fish.  But I survived.  The bike ride goes up the Henry Hudson Parkway into the Bronx and then back down to the TA at the 79th street boat basin.  The run takes you down 72nd St. through Central Park and finishes at the bandshell in the park.  How cool is THAT!

I’ll probably do several local sprint races as well.  But those three that I’ve already mentioned, NYC, Roth and Muskoka, are my main focus for 2016.

Let me know what races you’re doing.   And I hope you have a great off/out season.

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