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Inside the Mind of the Triathlete

I’ve been working on episode three.    If it turns out the way I want, it should be an entertaining combination of humor, information, and eye candy.  Well, maybe not so much eye candy, but a little.  I hope

The Mind of the Triathlete is the name of a survey conducted by USA Triathlon, the governing and sanctioning body of all things triathlon in the good old US of A.   There are over 70 pages of easy reading in the report and episode three will focus on one tiny portion of it.

I have to say, though, that the survey is really meant to help businesses cater to triathletes and to expand their market.    That’s fine.  Everyone wants a competitive advantage: in a race or in business.  But my focus on the report is more in line with the mission of TriRiot:  to uncover the mysteries of why ordinary people want to be extraordinary athletes.

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