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I’ll Take the Corona. You Keep the Virus.

63 Days Until IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga

I may be way off on that 63 day number above. If this virus gets its way, IM70.3 Chatty might be postponed. Many races have already been postponed or canceled.

The impact of this situation on daily life is being felt everywhere. Last week the honorable governor of the great state of North Carolina declared that there should be no public gatherings of 100 or more people. The pool that Lori and I swim in every Sunday is closed for who knows how long.

I hear just recently that our governor reduced the number that can gather in public from 100 to 50. If that number keeps dropping I may have to cancel my “group” run with Marty and John tomorrow morning.

I’m not usually one to buy in to conspiracy theories, but here’s one that our great government should investigate: Zwift, the indoor cycling company. Follow this logic (if you can call it logic).

  1. Zwift has been a booming business lately. Cyclists and triathletes have been enjoying winter trainer rides.

  2. Winter in the Northern hemisphere is coming to an end and cyclists want to ride outside. I certainly do.

  3. Global warming could shorten winters leading to more cyclists riding outside.

  4. COVID-19 comes along and Zwift convinces everyone to stay inside “for their health” (wink wink).

  5. “And while you’re inside, you might as well subscribe to Zwift to be sure you get in your training”

If you followed that logic, you might believe this too. I think Mr. Trump is a cyclist who likes to ride outside. That must be why he pulled us out of the Paris Accord. I was hoping he’d get us back in or, at least, get us into a Honda Accord, but I guess neither is going to happen.

Even if Zwift is innocent, there are plenty of other companies out there making a lot of money on COVID-19. The stock market may be crashing, but hand sanitizer and soap demand are booming. My hands permanently smell like a combination of Purell and Nutragena.

Here’s one that I simply don’t understand: toilet paper. For Pete’s sake, will someone please explain to me why there is a run on toilet paper during a virus pandemic. Charmin stock prices must be through the roof! Personally, I’m not concerned about running out of toilet paper. I’d be more concerned about running out of food or medications. If necessary, I can use my gas station receipts and wash my hands.

Races will be canceled. Schools will be closed. Public events will be postponed. But life will go on and we’ll come out on the other side. We may be a bit damaged or bruised by then, but if we keep our hands clean and obey simple rules of hygiene, we should be ok.

That 70 year old bomb shelter in the back yard might make a good quarantine hut for a few weeks.

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