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Fried Shallot Rings Optional

For the past five years, I’ve been posting YouTube videos and writing blog posts about most anything that crosses my mind. Usually, I can find a way to bring it back to triathlon or endurance sport. But today I’m stumped.

When I say, “… crosses my mind.”, I mean that loosely. My mind is more of a country cross roads than the intersection of 72nd Street and Broadway in NYC’s Manhattan.

So why am I stumped? TriRiot posts don’t attract too much attention so the comments are sparse. When someone does comment, it’s usually something related to the post on which they are commenting. Today I received the following comment:

I had no idea that fried shallot rings added alluring flavor, to the spring rolls. And crunch? OMG. I want some now!

First, let me say that I have never… ever… ever posted about fried shallot rings or spring rolls. Onion rings and dinner rolls, maybe.

Obviously this commenter knows something about triathlon nutrition that all the experts have overlooked. This can not be a random comment. What troller would use the words, “alluring” and “optional” in the same sentence?

Remember the old spy movies? There would be a scene where one spy sitting at a restaurant table says to the waiter,

“Does today’s special come with a side of Russian dressing or do I have to bring my own? “

Then the waiter, who is really a spy in disguise, replies with something just as strange,

Yes. And the fried shallot rings add alluring flavor and crunch to the spring rolls, as well, but they’re optional.

I think my commenter either works for the CIA, the KGB or the CDC. Too bad I don’t, because I have no idea what that comment means.

If there is a run on fried shallot rings or spring rolls in the near future, I’m applying for a job with the CIA.

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