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First Pit

The Spare or Despair?

Broken bicycle spoke

… and this is the wheel with my power meter!

Just this morning I was writing about falling into a pit of despair. Not two hours after publishing that post, I hit a pit of da spare… tire that is.

I was riding on the indoor trainer and listening to none other than the best podcaster around, Babbittville Radio. Twelve minutes into the workout, I heard a loud snap. Not a pop. A snap. You guessed it: a spoke broke, that ain’t no joke.

Not all is lost. I do have another wheel. Maybe if it warms up today I’ll go out on the road. In my case, the road is usually very safe. However, today is Thanksgiving day in the US and that means hunting: lots of hunting all around me. I’m not sure I want to get hit by stray bullets or run over by frantic wildlife.

Stay tuned…

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