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December 29th Approaches

Working on a logo. Seems so trivial until you actually have to sit down to design one. I didn’t know where to start. I stared at a blank piece of paper for about… I don’t know, maybe 5 minutes before I realized I was in over my head. So I got a hold of my old friend Kevin. He’s really not old, but you know what I mean. He referred me to his friend, Chris. So Chris is what I would call a visionary. I guess others would call him a graphic designer. About 10 years ago he designed a web page for Lori’s business. It looked great. He saw what was in my mind. Same thing this time. I was unable to put on paper the essence of TriRiot, but Chris came pretty darn close. Instead of paper, he put it on a screen. The logo is almost done. As soon as it is ready, I’ll post it to Facebook so all my friends can see it and they can “like” it and I can feel good about myself for posting it because that is what Facebook is for; right? Thanks, Chris and Kevin.

December 29th is almost here. That’s the day I post the first real TriRiot episode. I’ll have a promo or two out before then.

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