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Day 74 – What Does Stupid Feel Like?

We are now 74 days into training for IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga and I’m feeling pretty good about my progress. But I’m feeling pretty stupid about what I did today. (No. I did not put on my wetsuit backwards again).

I use TrainingPeaks (TP) to plan workouts and store data. I love it. I’ve used their web based service since 2007 and have never had a problem. I use Final Surge also, but I don’t like it as much as TrainingPeaks.

Creating a workout in TP is easy. I like to do that so I can compare the planned workout with the actual results. So that’s what I did last night: I created a workout with all the intervals.

Comparing actual workout stats (pink) with the planned workout (blue)

After the workout, my Garmin watch faithfully synchronized all the numbers with my sortofsmartphone which is supposed to send the data to TP.

My usual MO is to go directly to the TP app and analyze my workout. This time, however, I was having problems. The TP app opened on my laptop, but the workout data was not there. Neither was the planned workout. Everything I did was gone!

I reentered all the planned workout details into a new workout, but TP gave me an error. It said my workout had been deleted. W. T. F. ? I repeated this process two times and got the same results.

I went nuts: absolutely ballistic. I was ready to dump TP and go with Final Surge. Of course, my ballistic behavior was all kept inside. Had I let it out, the other patrons in the coffee house where I get WiFi would have called the police. I didn’t need the police. I just needed WiFi.

Oh Jeez, I realized. I need WiFi. The WiFi on my computer was turned off. I turned it on and apologized to no one for going ballistic, but I did feel stupid.

I love TP.

Until tomorrow…

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