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Day 61 – Another VO2max Day

115 days until IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga

What a day!

I’ve been on the computer for the last 10 hours and my brain is fried: fried like a Paula Deen banquet at a NASCAR rally, fried like a Bojangles family pack ten minutes before closing time.

Why is fried food so bad for us, but it tastes soooooo good? Nevermind.

I don’t have the mental energy to talk about how much I enjoyed Bob Babbitt’s latest interview with Patrick Lange. Just go listen to it yourself. You’ll thank me later.


Bike-Walk-Run. It was another VO2max bike workout and I loved it. The walk part is something Sami throws in there to approximate getting through transition. The run was just long enough to get some benefit of bike to run adaptation: 2 miles.

Bike power profile

I had to use both devices to get my stats today

The bike profile is a bit wonky. You can see that the timing isn’t exact because the red power line (watts) doesn’t line up with the planned workout (blue). The problem is that my Garmin watch doesn’t collect power data unless you manually tell it to do so before each workout and I forgot to tell it. The result is that my timing for the intervals came from the Garmin watch and the power data came from the PowerTap.

Run stats

The run numbers are probably not impressive. They have me in zone 3 more than I wanted. What scares me is that tomorrow’s workout is a swim session with Trent. If today didn’t kick my butt, Trent will.

Ive had enough of computers for one day. Until tomorrow…

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