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Day 59 – A Very Short Swim

117 days until IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga

Yesterday I was blathering on about how life is so stressful. Maybe blathering is not the right word (I just wanted to use it in a sentence and here I’ve used it twice!). Perhaps I was complaining which really is not like me at all, but I meant what I said about how we focus so much on the physical training and not on the psychological and emotional training.

This morning’s swim was interesting. I tested out the new beeper thing that is going to teach me pacing. I like it. I set it to 25 seconds so it would beep every time I got to the wall as long as I maintained a 1:40/100y pace. Normally, that’s a pretty easy pace for me if you add in flip turns and push offs. I was just getting the hang of using it when I stopped for a rest interval and heard someone talking. It was the life guard talking to me. Apparently, the chlorine level in the pool was too low which meant everyone had to get out, so she blew her whistle and made the announcement. I guess it took quite a bit of time to empty the pool of people. She should have thrown a Baby Ruth bar in the pool. It worked in Caddy Shack.

Now I’m creeped out by thoughts of giant bacteria infecting me. In fact, there may have been one wearing swim jammers and swimming in the other lane. He looked like a bacterium. He swam like one too.

Six hundred and fifty yards. That’s all I got this morning. I’ll do something later like watch a funny video and laugh really hard. That’s an ab workout, right?

Until tomorrow…

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