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Day 56 – Old Friends

120 days until IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga

Old Friends is the name of a great song by Ray Price, Roger Miller and Willie Neslon. They absolutely nailed the sentiment and the music is both sweet and sad. I love that song.

Today I want to tell you about a couple of old friends of mine. They have traveled to every triathlon with me and have been on every training ride that I’ve ever done. I met them in 2008 at the Bike Cycles bike shop in Wilmington, North Carolina. They were young back then. I don’t even know their names other than Lefty and Righty.

In the last 12 years they’ve aged more than they should have. They don’t talk, but they tell some great stories.

Way out near Sampson county, there’s a place called Newton’s Crossroads and it was at this cross roads that Mike, Marty and I met the bitch from hell. We didn’t plan on riding intervals that day but we ended up doing one. When the dog with teats dragging the ground appeared, she scared the crap out of us and we took off to get away from her. For two miles at 25 mph she chased us: she stayed right off my crank, running and barking.

So how do Lefty and Righty figure in to this? Marty blamed them for the dog chasing us. Specifically, he blamed their stench. They don’t really stink, but they’re old, they’re stained and they just look smelly.

I love my old friends.

Until tomorrow…

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