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Day 50 – The Pig Workout

125 days until IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga

No “Workout” Today

There were two planned workouts in my Training Peaks calendar today and I did neither of them. Instead I took a field trip to the farm.

I work for a very large company that produces more pork than the U.S. congress. Every now and again, I have to go to a farm to help out and today’s assignment was weighing piglets: cute little piglets.

But don’t let their little size fool you.

After five hours of bending over and picking up the three pound (on average) buggers, I am beat. I am wasted. That’s almost 200 arm curls with a squirmy, wiggly three pound weight.

How It Relates

Since 2009 I have used the TSS model to measure the accumulated effects of training loads and I still use it today. In order for it to work properly I need to account for those stressful activities outside of my training plan. For instance, that field trip to the farm today will undoubtedly have an impact on my training and recovery. Therefore, I added a workout to my Training Peaks log that approximates the stresses of weighing pigs. It’s just an estimate: a wild ass guess. But I believe it is better than nothing.

My fatigue (the pink line) is getting pretty high

By recording it in the log, I’ll know why I feel like crap in a week or two.

Until tomorrow…

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