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Day 4 – Planning to Succeed

Any Plan Is Better Than No Plan

I use to listen to the recordings of Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Steven Covey and other self improvement gurus. Almost all of them repeated a similar mantra:

You have to plan to succeed, because no plan at all is a plan to fail.

That’s the kind of quote you might see on a cheesy motivational poster in the hallway or breakroom of a corporate office accompanied by a picture that has almost no relevance to the quote. For example:

Marathon runners


My Training Plan

Today’s training consisted of a 4 mile run with a few intervals thrown in. I just made up that workout on the spot. Mr. Improv; that’s me. Tomorrow will be an easy 4 mile run with Marty and maybe a super easy bike ride after. As of right now, I don’t have a plan to succeed at IM703Chatty, but I’m on the hunt.

In the 13 years I’ve been living the triathlon lifestyle, I’ve had several training methods/plans:

  1. Team In Training. This was my introduction to triathlon and triathletes.

  2. Tri Club. I met some really great people that I still race with now and then. The coaching aspect was general to fit all athletes, but I did benefit from the group swims, runs and rides.

  3. Online Coaching. During the early days of the Endurance Nation training community, I learned a lot about training and racing with power. I’ve used bits and pieces of the first plan I purchased from them 11 years ago.

  4. Live Coaching. Expensive. But I loved my coach, Coach Sami.

  5. Self Coaching. I have many pages dogeared of Joe Friel’s book, The Triathlete’s Training Bible. It’s a great resource if you want to train with purpose and understand the science behind the workouts.

I haven’t yet decided how to go from where I am today to where I want to be on May 17, 2020, but I do want to do it right. I need a plan that will account for my weaknesses, and my age. I need a plan to allow plenty of recovery. I need accountability and encouragement.

I guess I’m just very needy.

The Clock Is Ticking

There are 24 weeks between now and race day, so I have a bit of time to decide, but not too much time. When I do decide, you’ll be the first to know. Stay tuned.

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