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Day 28 – Triathlon Goes Virtual

146 Days until IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga

I caught a cold yesterday. The zinc I took for it may have done some good. Does that mean I am now galvanized?

No training today. No meaningful thoughts today. Today is a zen sort of day: just nothing.

Meditating on VS2

Meditating on virtual triathlon

There is one thought…

Virtual Triathlon

I’m not sure about this virtual triathlon thing. Is is just marketing hype or is it really something that people enjoy? If you swim, bike and run by yourself, is that not just a training day? I can see some value in it to get people thinking about triathlon and for charities to raise money, but as a regular thing to do?

TA energy can be very exciting.

I’m usually very positive, but when you take away the finish line and the crowded transition area and the other athletes and the port-a-johns and the announcer, what are you left with?

You’re left with an empty field and yourself.

I guess that’s what it all comes down to anyway. Triathlon (like running) is an individual sport. We may think we are competing against others in our age group, but the real competitor is ourself. We are always battling that part of ourselves that wants to slow down or stop.

On the other hand, those around us (in training and racing) help push us to limits previously unknown. When you “race” by yourself, the only “competitor” pushing you to be better is yourself who is the same competitor that is trying to get you to slow down or stop.

I’m sure there is value in virtual triathlon and maybe I’m not understanding the concept. I’m just not feeling it… yet.

Until tomorrow…

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