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Day 22 – Triathlon Podcasts

152 Days until IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga

Some days I have a 30 minute commute from home to work. Other days it’s much longer.

That’s the perfect time to train… my perspective.

For me, perspective is important. I use that commute to listen to entertaining and educational audio. Here are the top podcasts I listen to (in no significant order):

  1. That Triathlon Show: very scientific based discussions on training and racing. Interviews with coaches and academics.

  2. Triathlon Taren: Entertaining race reports, perspective discussions, athlete/industry interviews.

  3. Babbittville Radio. Athlete and Industry interviews with everyone who’s anyone in the world of triathlon.

  4. Tower 26. Swim focused training for triathlon. Some interviews.

  5. Ear Biscuits. If you don’t know Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning then let me introduce you. These two very popular goof balls host an entertaining YouTube show. They don’t know squat about triathlon, but they are very entertaining.

I hope you find some use out of this list. Until tomorrow…

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