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Day 17 – Another Podcast

157 days until IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga

No workout today. Recovery from running yesterday. The mind says, “Come on. Let’s get moving.” The body says, “F you. I’m recovering.” I still don’t have a plan for the season so I guess you could say I’m in the unstructured preparation phase.

My training today will be educational…

Science Based Training

There are several good podcasts available for learning about triathlon training. I’ve already mentioned Triathlon Taren and Tower 26 in past blog posts. Another good one is “That Triathlon Show.”

Mikael Eriksson, host of That Triathlon Show, brings us two podcasts each week. What distinguishes his podcasts from others is straight forward science. There is no banter. There is no fluff.

Don’t get me wrong. Fluff is a good thing. If you watch my videos that’s about all you’ll see (except for the transition advice).

That Triathlon Show gets right to the point with hard hitting questions about the topic of the day. His guests are often academic or very experienced in scientific based coaching. If you are not used to listening to scientific jargon or you are the type that wants concrete answers on your training, this show may not be for you. However, if you are looking to understand at a deep level what makes us better triathletes, then this show definitely is for you.

As I work on my 2020 training plan with IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga as the first A race of the season, I find myself pulling together much of the information I get from Mikael’s guests. But Mikael, himself, is no slouch, because he seems to understand the scientific literature and is able to offer nuggets of knowledge from his own experiences. There have been multiple moments while listening to his interviews when I find myself saying, “You should have asked your guest, “[insert intelligent question here]” And then, it happens. He asks the very question I was thinking.

If you are at all curious about the science behind endurance performance, I encourage you to have a listen. I get my subscription from the Google Play Store. It’s also on Apple. Enjoy!

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