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Choosing a Race

My Inner Conflict

I often struggle with choosing which races I want to enter.   There are so many good ones out there that it’s a difficult task.  I like the small, local races because I know a lot of people there.  I like the big super races like Ironman, becuase of the energy and excitement.  I also like traveling somewhere interesting for a race.   And… I like an inexpensive race.

The number of races from which to choose seems to have grown dramatically in the last several years.  Race companies are merging one year and splitting off the next.  It’s hard to tell who’s producing what race, and that doesn’t help my anxiety about choosing a race.

The Importance of Advanced Planning

If I haven’t planned out my race schedule a year in advance, then I’m likely to have a poor training year and choose races somewhat randomly.  I need that focus to sharpen my mind and my skills.

Back in the fall of 2014, I planned on entering the Trona 308.  That would have been a 308 mile bike race in California from Santa Clarita to Trona and back held in May of 2015.  I was excited for it, but the race was canceled.  I completely lost my focus after that, because I didn’t have a “plan B.”

The thought of doing Savageman again has been in the back of my mind, but I just haven’t decided to sign up for it yet.  Also, I’m not on top of the game with my training.

Actually Choosing A Race

I was thinking about why I’ve only signed up for a handful of smaller races this year and not an Ironman or destination race.

  1. First of all, the races I’ve signed up for have been free.  Because I’m on the PPD B2B committee, I get 5 free races in the SC/NC Setup Events Schedule.

  2. And second.  This is the biggest reason.  My racing partners are taking this year for some much needed rest.  I can’t blame them.  We raced hard in 2012, 2013 and 2014.   If I were smart, I would follow their lead.

  3. I’m not smart.

The main deciding factor for doing a big/special race is people.   I want to race with friends.   That’s why I’m hoping others will join me in signing up for Challenge Roth 2016.  And that’s why I haven’t committed yet to Savageman 2015… yet.

Worth Breaking the Rules

There are, however, some races worth breaking the rules and I’ve already mentioned two of them.  Some races sound so challenging or inviting that I’ll go alone.  Not completely alone.  Family will likely accompany me.  These are a few of the rule breakers:

  1. Challenge Roth: I love spectators and volunteers.  There are 200,000 spectators at this race.  Also, this race is legendary.

  2. Savageman 70:  This race has been called the toughest triathlon in North America.  That’s a challenge I have to meet head on and win.  Also, I need to redeem myself from the DNF in 2013.

  3. Malibu Triathlon:  This one is near the town of my birth.  I want to go there and kick ass so I can march around town with my medal and show all the people there that I’m not the piss ant little kid that got beat up at school.   Of course, if I actually did that, I would get beat up.

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