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Another Year In The Saddle

Fifty seven years in the rear view mirror. If experiences were pages in a book, the book of LG would be thicker than the dictionary at the back of a 1973 4th grade classroom. Although much more interesting, it may not attract many more readers.

What is out the windshield is far more exciting anyway. Always has been. In a 2018 interview with Bob Babbitt, Scott Tinley warns listeners to be careful of nostalgia. The good old days weren’t all that much better than these modern days. Some things do improve over time.

It is perception that makes us believe the best is behind us. Daily routines of the present are perceived as dull so the mind fabricates a glorious fantasy world that suggests salvation is so close as to be reinvented from our past triumphs. Only rarely is a glorious experience truly appreciated for what it is and then locked away in memory for recall when times get dull.

Proof? Is proof really needed to make this point? Mobile devices in the hands of airline passengers are far more interesting than the other humans on board. Empty minds search for entertainment to fill dull moments because it is easier to suck up the electromagnetic waves from a handheld device than it is to say, “Hi. You traveling for business?”

Just as mobile devices distract from the present situation so does the past which is more interesting to talk about when times get dull or difficult.

Fifty seven years in the saddle, but that’s not so important. There’s a whole world right here and right now. There’s also so much ahead. The next 57 are going to be the best ever.

Untill next time…

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