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And Life Goes On

One of the things that I’ve learned time and time again is that no matter what new project I start, sooner or later, I’ll realize that I have no time for it.   (my next project should focus on learning better grammar and composition)

I guess it all comes down to priorities.  TriRiot is a project that I started with great enthusiasm.  After publishing a few episodes I’m struggling to find time to publish more.   Other responsibilities have been overwhelming.  Work, family, and now tax preparation are demanding more of my time.  I’m sure this is sounding like a Dear John letter.  But this is the digital age.  We don’t write letters.  So a Dear John email?

It’s not that.  TriRiot will continue.  Maybe I’ll quit my job and tell the accountant there’s nothing to prepare for taxes.  Like I said before: it all comes down to priorities.

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