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A TriRiot Podcast?

Yes. I’m considering starting a podcast so I can spread my buttery smooth voice across the interwebs into your ears.

Buttery? Did I say buttery? Old margarine with toast crumbs would likely be a better description.

The podcast topic?

I’m glad you asked, because I can ramble on for hours about my opinions. And, believe me. I have some opinions:

  1. Should age-groupers be drug tested?

  2. Are race officials too lenient on drafting rules?

  3. Is IRONMAN a big monster ruining the spirit of triathlon?

  4. Is the PTO a good thing for age-groupers?

  5. Best triathlon podcasts out there

  6. Best tips and tricks for a fast transition

  7. Race cancellations – should athletes be refunded?

I’m just warming up here. There are plenty of things to talk about, but in reality I don’t like to talk by myself so I’ll get others on the show. Maybe I can convince some of my friends to get on the show with me. You’d love their stories, like Marty versus the deer and Marty versus the car at the NYC triathlon. There’s also the time that Mike took the pedal off my bike when I wasn’t looking. Maybe Misty will join me and tell us about how she makes her homemade superwaffles.

This could be a load of fun. The main focus of TriRiot has been, and is, the age-grouper experience. I love the professionals and follow what they do, but I want to give a voice to the age-groupers who may never stand on a podium and may never qualify for the IRONMAN World Championship… or maybe they will. It doesn’t matter how good they are or how much weight they lost or the price tag on their bike. TriRiot is about the struggles, triumphs and concerns of the age-grouper.

Stayed tuned to this blog. I’ll let you know when the TriRiot podcast is going to happen.

Until then…

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