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A Change Of Scenery

Today is June 13, 2021. There’s really nothing special about today, other than it is a beautiful, hot day here in sunny Mexico; New Mexico that is.

Lori and I decided it was time to leave North Carolina and get closer to our roots. I think it was Mel Tillis who sang, “… when we’re young we want to get away. When we’re old we want to go back”. We are neither young nor old, but moving to New Mexico puts us closer to our old Arizona stomping grounds.

Up until about three months ago, I was trying to focus on training for IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga which was held a month ago in May. The impending move across the U.S. and a high stress load from work forced me to rethink my priorities. I put Sami’s professional coaching services on hold and deferred the Chattanooga participation to 2022. I just didn’t have time to train properly. The Saturday 12+ mile runs were getting good, but also getting in the way of other things.

My New Digs

I love our new home, but moving to a new location has drastically disrupted the training routine. Especially this location: La Plata, NM.

My new digs in La Plata, NM.

That highway that runs into the distance is paved, but I’m a bit nervous about riding my bike on it. Drivers here are not sure what to make of cyclists and there is no shoulder. I did try running on it, but drivers aren’t sure what to make of runners either. Running is safer if you don’t mind running through the brush in the ditch to avoid an oncoming car.

My solution has been to run trails and ride the mountain bike. There are miles and miles of government land (right side of picture) that are perfect for this kind of training. It’s not exactly sport specific unless I’m training for XTERRA, but it’s close for now. I have yet to seek out biking/running/triathlon clubs. There is a pool in Farmington (15 miles away), so maybe I can get lucky and find a masters group or just get a lane twice a week. There are also some lakes in the area that, I’m told, are good for swimming.

Race #2 for 2021 is next Saturday in Smithfield, NC. It’s the Three Little Pigs sprint triathlon. Because of work, I travel between NM and NC which means I can still enjoy the local races in NC that I’ve been enjoying for the past 14 years.



The high intensity training I’ve been doing off road and on the trails (and at 6000′ altitude) has me in perfect shape for Three Little Pigs. Look out all you 55-59 male age groupers!

Until next time…

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