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Triathletes Wherever I Go

Today's post is just a quick blurb.

I was traveling to North Carolina for work yesterday and had to change planes in Dallas. The plane arrived at terminal "B" and the next flight left from terminal "C" so I took the "Skylink" tram from one terminal to the other.

Man in crowded train car wearing and IRONMAN jacket
Triathletes everywhere

I should know better than to travel on a Sunday, because that's when everyone else is traveling which makes for very crowded airports. Anyway, there I was in a very crowded tram car when I noticed another triathlete. He was proudly wearing an IRONMAN jacket.

I've been noticing this more as I travel around the country and even overseas: triathlon shirts and jackets. Is our sport getting more popular or am I just paying more attention? It's nice to see other fitness obsessed maniacs like myself out in public.

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