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Socks or No Socks. Transition Tip #3

I’d Go Barefoot If I Could!

In a triathlon transition, the two slowest activities are pulling off the wetsuit and putting on socks.  I’ll talk about the wetsuit in a later blog post and video.   Actually, sleeping is a pretty big time killer too.  I know someone who dozed off in in an Ironman transition for about 45 minutes.

In this video, I only cover my rules for socks on the bike…I NEVER WEAR SOCKS on the bike.  You can imagine how much time I save by not messing with socks.

My list of sock rules for the run is a bit longer and I’ll have a Speed Tip video about that later.  But here’s my run sock rule list:

  1. Never wear socks for 10k and shorter runs.

  2. Carry socks on number belt for long course runs (13.1 mi.).  Start out barefoot and change into socks at a rest stop.  I do this because I’m going to stop anyway around mile 6 to stretch and refocus my mind.

  3. For ultra course runs (26.2mi.), just skip the socks and shoes altogether.  Just kidding.  I slap on a pair of socks in transition and carry a pair with me on the number belt.  I also have a pair of socks stashed away in my special needs bag at mile 13.1.  Dry socks feel so good on wet, tired, sore feet.

My feet are kind of tough, so this works for me.  It might not work so well for people with sensitive or blister prone feet.

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