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New Triathlon Movie

Triathlon Movies

There are not too many movies about triathlon in general release.  The most recent one I can think of is called TRI.  It was released a couple of years ago and it was not at all what I was hoping for.   I gave it a luke warm review because I wanted to be positive.  I was probably too generous, but it wasn’t bad: it was just lacking clear focus and direction and the acting was mediocre.  (Who am I to talk?  I have no acting talent myself).

But a year or two before TRI was released, I found out about a Triathlon documentary which I talked about in this TriRiot episode:

Finally Here

The triathlon movie that I talked about in early 2015 is almost ready for general release!  There’s been a bit more activity lately on the movie’s Facebook Page suggesting that it should be released sometime in the summer of 2018.  They actually have a movie poster, so it must be close to release.  I am excited, to say the least.

Movie poster posted on Facebook

What I Know About This Film

Most audiences are familiar with the annual broadcast of the Ironman World Championship.  I expect this documentary to be a bit like that, but with more focus on individual athletes rather than race specifics.   The annual broadcast is probably one reason that the sport of triathlon has enjoyed popularity for quite some time.   One of the goals of this new movie is to promote the sport and attract new participants according to Bob Babbitt , the film’s executive producer.

From one of the movie posters I learned that:

  1.  Bob Babbitt is the executive producer.  He is a big name in the world of triathlon.  In fact, he hosts Babbittville Radio and Breakfast with Bob: two shows full of great interviews.  When he posts on twitter (@Bob_Babbitt), I read it.

  2. The film features two big name athletes: Mirinda Carfrae and Rudy Garcia Tolson.  There are other athletes, but I am not as familiar with them.

  3. The title is, “We Are Triathletes

  4. The tag line is, “The mental and emotional challenge is greater than the physical challenge

This Week’s Episode

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