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Lost in Transition

The Transition Area Is No Place To Wander Around

This week’s Speed Tips starts off with advice on finding your bike.  Many people have never seen a triathlon transition area, so let me describe one: Chaos.  There are people running every direction in an area the size of a football field that is jamb packed with bikes.  It can be a bit crazy, but if you forgot your bike’s location, it can be a nightmare. 

I’m exaggerating a bit, because bikes are normally racked in numerical order corresponding to each athlete’s race number.  However,I don’t want to slow down to look for my bike. The obvious solution is to spend a little time getting to know the layout of the transition area.  And that’s exactly what I do.  I see a lot of other athletes doing it too.  You can always tell who they are. They’re the ones slowly running from one end of transition to the other before the race with very concentrated looks on their faces.

Check back each day for the next 10 week days for a new Speed Tip.

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