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First Channel Swim of the Year

The water is still cold, but it’s refreshing.

Wrightsville Beach

Each year during the summer, my friends and I swim in the channel that runs along the town of Wrightsville Beach.   We do this about once or twice a week.  Some years we swim more often and some years less.   In addition to the channel, we usually swim a day each week at the YMCA.

This year, however, has been different.  Ever since the big fire at the

Fire Damage

Fire damage in the Wilmington Family YMCA

Wilmington Family YMCA, I have only been swimming twice.  Both times were in competition, which means my swim strength has suffered.


By the way, if you want to help out a wonderful organization recover from tragedy, please visit the YMCA’s fire relief web site.


So I was really really glad to get into the open water this morning.   There’s nothing quite like starting your day swimming in the open water with friends and watching the sun rise.  Nick, Terry, DJ and I started out about 6:30am and finished around 7:00am.  It was just what I needed.   And we weren’t the only ones out there.  Several groups were enjoying it as much as we were.  Even Coach Sami had a group in the channel.

Even though humans are terrestrial beings, there’s something about swimming in the open water that is so natural and rejuvenating.

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