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7 Days to Havasu

7 Days to Havasu

What can you do in the middle of nowhere?  Be a tourist, of course.

If you’ve been following this countdown to the Havasu Triathlon,  you’re probably wondering when I’m going to say something meaningful or something of substance.    While you’re waiting, read on.

The Big Picture

If you’re not from the Desert, think of the most desolate place you’ve ever been.  Got it?   Now open a window to Google Earth or your favorite mapping app and query up ‘Lake Havasu City’.   Don’t zoom in too much.  Make sure you can see all the way from Kingman in the North to Interstate 10 in the South.

Need I continue?

Don’t get me wrong, because the middle of nowhere has never looked so good IMHO.  When you get down on the ground, there’s a beauty in the desert that you won’t find anywhere else.   Have you ever smelled the desert after a rain?  That’s something that just gets in your blood and you don’t want it out.

Tourist Activities

In six days, I’m going to be in Lake Havasu City and I’m wondering what else can I do besides swim, bike, run and vomit?  (The vomiting  is not part of the race: it’s a consequence of the race).  There are a few good websites and Facebook pages that can tell you what you want to know about things to do in Lake Havasu City (try this one here), but I already have a To Do list.

If water in the desert is a luxury,  Lake Havasu is a luxurious playground.  I’m no spokesperson for the area, but I plan on doing one or more of the following:

  1. Rent one of those little motorcycles of the boat world: Jet Ski

  2. Take selfies on the London Bridge

  3. Take selfies next to the London Bridge

  4. Take selfies under the London Bridge

  5. Photo bomb people taking selfies near the London Bridge

  6. Ride one of those water canon jet things that shoot you way up (if they have it there).  Should I do this before or after the race?  Probably after.  There’s likely to be more vomiting involved.

  7. Watch a desert sunset.  Just like the smell after a rain, you will never forget one of those spectacular desert sunsets.

If I Had More Time

There are a couple of day trips that I would love to take if only I were staying a bit longer.

  1. Drive North to Kingman, visit the Route 66 museum, and visit the railroad museum.

Route66 museum

Kingman Railroad museum

Railroad museum

  1. Drive South to the KOFA National Wildlife Refuge.  I’d love to explore that rugged, harsh landscape with a camera.


  1. Drive a litter farther South and East to the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant.  I don’t know if they give tours, but it would be worth the phone call to find out.

Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant

Whatever I actually end up doing, I know I’m going to enjoy it.

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