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3 Days to Havasu

‏3 Days To Havasu

Today was supposed to be a travel day.

The word, suppose, is a strange one. It is similar to the word, expect, but tries to put the blame elsewhere. For example, if I said, “Today I expected to travel”, you would think that Im not traveling and that my expectations were wrong. Instead, I said, “Today was supposed to…” which suggests my planning was perfect and the problem lies outside my control.

Either way I’m not traveling today and Im blaming the cat.  I did not expect that our cat would get sick just hours before boarding the plane and now I am frustrated because I may miss the race this weekend.

Ivory waits for results from Dr. Liz.

Ivory waits for results from Dr. Liz.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Ivory the cat so I’m not angry and postponing the trip was the right decision. If she gets worse I may cancel the trip and consider my entry fee one big donation.


I have three choices:

  1. Leave Ivory at home and go to Lake Havasu City to be a part of the Havasu Triathlon.

  2. Take Ivory with me

  3. Cancel the trip

If i were a professional athlete, the decision would be easier.  As an age grouper I have to consider that this is not my job. It’s a hobby. Im passionate about triathlon, but it’s a hobby. On one hand, Ivory means a lot to our family. On the other hand, the race registration fee is not refundable. What would you do?

As I write this, i am sitting in the veterinary clinic waiting for the vet. Ivory looks good and seems to be much better. So maybe tomorrow will be the travel day.  I guess we just wait and see what the vet says.

Take Home

In the context of my life, the prospect of missing this race is just a slight upset.  It’s not a defining moment.  I think about all those cold, dark mornings of running with Marty and John;  all that time spent worrying if my bike training was good enough.

Was my training wasted?

No.  Not at all.  I can build on it for NYC Triathlon later this year, but that’s only part of the reason.    Every upset in life is a training opportunity to hone the mental capacity to focus on what’s important.  As much as I want to race in Lake Havasu City,  my family needs me.  If that means missing a race then that’s what needs to happen.

Who knows?  Maybe tomorrow will be travel day.  Whatever I do tomorrow,  please pray for Ivory.


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