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brfl Triathlon Tote Bag

brfl Triathlon Tote Bag

SKU: 364215376135191

If I'm not going to wear a wetsuit, I don't want to haul it around with me while I go through packet pickup, body marking, bike racking, etc.  All I need to carry with me is

  1. goggles
  2. cap
  3. race belt
  4. hat
  5. sunscreen
  6. rubber bands
  7. talc powder
  8. towel

Who needs a giant transition bag or five gallon bucket for this?  That's why my friend, Charles, custom prints these bags.  They look good and they are very practical for the times when you don't need to carry everything.




    There's not much more to say about this product because it's a bag.  It's custom printed.  It's awesome.  You can't live without one.  


    Since these are sold out. You don't have to worry about returning it


    One of the nice things about a "sold out" product is that I don't have to ship it to you and you don't have to pay me shipping

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