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White Lake Half is right around the corner

The White Lake weekend is coming up on May 2nd this year.  That’s only six days away.  And this reminds me of a dilema… do I race?  or do I film?

Swim exit at White Lake

Swim exit for the White Lake races.

I love filming athletes as they progress through their day of endurance hell.  It’s all about how they go from excited to nervous to suffering and finally to elated exhaustion.

On the other hand, I love to be the person who goes from excited to nervous to suffering and finally to elated exhaustion.

So which do I do? Participate or film?   Given that:

  1. my running has not extended past three miles in the past 7 months and the White Lake Half includes a 13.1 mile run,

  2. I haven’t swum but once since the YMCA fire three months ago,

  3. There are very few people I know racing the Half and

  4. I don’t have accommodations near the race site…

The answer is pretty obvious:  Do the race!  Actually, I’m going to compete in the aquabike division.  That means I don’t have to run.  The only other person I know doing the aquabike is JR Bourget.  If you watched the TriRiot episode on the Azalea Triathlon you met him at the end.  So I’m predicting a very fun and exciting race this coming weekend.  And because I’m not running, I should be able to grab my camera and do a little bit of filming.

See you at the races.

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