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Quest For Kona

Do I Want a Kona Slot?

So… IRONMAN recently advertised a casting call for their new TV series, IRONMAN Quest For Kona.   As of my last race (IMNC) I was not interested in training so hard that I might qualify for a Kona slot. Things have changed.

Fun and Fitness Still Trump Performance

After hearing Kona stories from several friends and watching so many videos on that race, I’ve decided that I can do that too.   I’m not a type A personality.  I don’t believe that the end justifies the means. However, this is how I will continue to grow and push my self to extraordinary limits.  If, at some point, it becomes unfun, I will scale back and reevaluate.

Quest For Kona 2017?

My philosophy on life is not about immediate gratification.  This Kona quest may take several years (until I age up enough that I’m the only one in my age group!).

  1. My swim is certainly good enough for a Kona slot.  Too bad I can’t get to Kona on just my swim.

  2. The bike skills need a bit of work.  I’m about an hour and a half behind the professionals and about 50 minutes or so behind my age group peers.  I weigh a lot for the amount of power I generate. There will definitely be some serious bike training going on in the LG household.

  3. Can I do an IRONMAN race without the run?  Actually, I did do Ironman Wisconsin without the run:  I walked!  I can’t tell you how bad my run is.   Maybe I need to work with someone on this.   Running will be the biggest challenge for me, but I can do it.  If I can make it up the Westernport Wall in the Savageman triathlon, I can do ANYTHING.

  4. Transition?  No problem.  Always near the top of the race for both T1 and T2.  In fact, I’m going to take it easy in T2 from now on, so I can rest up a bit for the marathon.

Back to that IRONMAN TV series:  here’s my video application.  I probably won’t get picked, but I do like the video.  I hope you do too.

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