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New Video Series Coming: Transition Speed Tips

Make Your Transitions Faster

When it comes to triathlon, I’m really good at two things: T1 and T2 also known as transition.  Actually I’m pretty darn good at the whole sport.  I’m just not fast.  If that makes sense to you then you’re as twisted as I am.  🙂

Starting the run.

Starting the run.

What I’m trying to say is that my transitions are really quite fast.  I’m usually ranked in the top 5 for swim to bike and bike to run transitions.  Because of that, I often get asked how I do it.  For those who want to know how I get my transitions so fast, I am working on a series of videos called Speed Tips. I was going to call it Tri Tips but that’s also the name of a cut of beef and I don’t want to upset the Outback Steakhouse chefs who accidentally come to my site looking for recipes. Anyway, the videos will be published on the TriRiot channel as very short tutorials (about 2 minutes).  If you’re looking to improve your race time, sign up for the email newsletter to be sure that you get notified when new videos are published.

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