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Final Winner?

You Didn’t Lose. You’re the Final Winner!

I read a tweet today.  ( I still can’t get over a message being called a tweet).  It said something to the effect of:

The final winner at Kona 2016

The final winner at Kona 2016

The last person to cross the finish line is still a winner?

Damn right she was.  This phrase, “Final Winner”, is not some touchy feely way to make a person feel good because we feel bad for them.  That phrase embodies so much of what I love about triathlon.

  1. No matter how prepared she felt, she toed the start line.

  2. No matter her finish time, she finished something that only a minute portion of the population has even attempted.

  3. No matter how bad of a day she thought she had, she finished.

  4. For every mile that her subconscience and her body begged her to stop and rest, she kept going.

  5. She inspired hundreds of spectators that were there to see her cross the line: the finish line.

So I solute you, Jennifer Tait of Great Britain.  You won more than most people will ever dream of winning.

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