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Day 49 – Scary Thought

125 days until IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga

Here’s A Scary Thought

What if you were so completely focused on training for a race that every waking thought was about squeezing the most physiological adaptations out of your daily routine?  What if you ignored your family and made mistakes at work because that goal race sucked every bit of attention you had?  

That’s not even the scary part.

What if you traveled to the race and, upon arrival, realized you forgot to make hotel reservations?  

That’s the scary part.  

One athlete I heard about drove a couple of hours to a race and forgot to bring his bike.  I hear he made the best of it and volunteered for the race instead.  I hope I have an attitude like that if I do something stupid. 

So, please excuse me while I avoid a future moment of stupidity. I’m going to make my hotel reservations for IM703Chatty.

Until tomorrow…

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